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Any organization today must manage access privileges for employees, business partners and customers, protect sensitive data and applications, while at the same time making them accessible to outside users. The complexity of an open virtual enterprise with the disappearing physical perimeter and migrating users presents numerous challenges that did not exist just a few years ago. As organizations continue to extend strategic business resources beyond traditional corporate boundaries, the challenge of providing open, yet secure access to increasingly diverse and growing populations of users becomes incredibly difficult and costly.

The company premier product, Cognizance Identity and Access Management Suite (Cognizance IAM) is a new generation security solution designed from the ground up on concept of the unified user identity. A consistent user identity, regardless of how the user accesses the network and applications, significantly reduces administrative complexity and increases productivity. In a single product, Cognizance IAM consolidates most important inter-dependent administrative functions including user and user profile management, access policy and application administration. In addition to increasing management efficiency, this combination of functionality allows centralization of the security architecture and consistency of the enterprise security model.

The enterprise will also benefit from the suite of most needed security applications included with the Cognizance IAM. All of the built-in applications share the same security model, managed with the same administration tool - Cognizance Administration Center and strongly rely on the unified user identity.

The list of built-in application includes:
User self-service and self management
New user self-registration
Network logon for Microsoft Windows and Novell Netware
Support for Microsoft Terminal Services and Citrix Metaframe
VPN and Remote Access
Enterprise Single Sign-On
PKI client and smart card support
Web access management

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